Meaningful is Profitable

Business owners are usually full of purpose when they start their company. They may not articulate it clearly or even recognize it’s significance, but something is driving them to overcome all odds to succeed. Their passion for their product or service is contagious. They attract others to their cause, and their belief in their brand is imparted to others.
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Today I’m celebrating my birth.

Well, it is my birthday today after all… 43 completed trips around the sun. And this last one has been quite a ride. Please forgive me for dragging you into this self-absorbed tell-all during the Christmas season, but I promise I will talk about Jesus… so we’re good, right?

It’s been a rebirth for me in many ways, so telling you about it on my birthday makes perfect sense. There’s so much to share… so much change in me personally, in my relationship with God, my family and in the business.
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