Is Your Purpose Divisive?

A lot of companies have gone through the process of defining their core values. Unfortunately, many of them are gathering dust on the wall, ignored and irrelevant. Yet so many leaders and consultants champion them as a vital part of getting your organization moving forward toward achieving your vision.

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Marketing Begins with Meaning

Are you asking the right question?

We often have prospective clients that begin marketing conversations with us about what channels and tactics we suggest for them. They might mention past failures and fatigue with previous efforts using channels like google ads, facebook ads, email and on and on. We get it. We’ve FELT the pain ourselves. However, there’s a problem with thinking certain tactics are not right for your company simply because it didn’t work in the past.  Continue Reading

How ‘Changing the Conversation’ Can Impact Your Bottom Line

No business owner is going to say they don’t want to create meaningful connections with their customers. It just makes sense. The more “bought-in” your customers are, the more profitable your business will be. So, why do so many businesses struggle to make those connections? It’s because they’re having the wrong conversation with their customers.

I’ve written about how everyone is looking for meaningful connections. But, if you’re like some business owners I share these concepts with, you may be skeptical of how all this “fluffy talk” can actually make an impact in your business. 

Here’s the truth: The most successful businesses are those driven by purpose, not profits. It’s the great paradox of business—in order to make money, you need to not focus on money. To explain this point, I thought we’d take a look at a few examples of companies who’ve experienced significant impact after changing the conversation.

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