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Finding Purpose: Why It Matters to Your Life and Business

By July 15, 2019 No Comments

Purpose can seem like an abstract concept. Sure, it’s great to know your “purpose” but how does that translate tangibly to your business or even my life? Well, I’m here to tell you that it affects every aspect of your business and life. And, it may not be quite as abstract as you think.

Whether you’re approaching the idea of purpose from a spiritual or scientific point of view, it’s essential to know why you’re doing something. At AM, we’ve made it our mission to help uncover your purpose. I’ve helped dozens of companies find theirs, and have learned a thing or two in the process. 

Today, we’re going to keep it high level. Instead of digging into the ‘hows’ and ‘whats,’ let’s just talk about why it’s important at all to find your purpose. Once we know the answer, it can lay the groundwork for your entire journey—in business and life.  

It Creates a Foundation

Most people don’t know their purpose. One survey shows that only 10% of people would say they know what their life purpose is, and only 5% say they are following that purpose on a regular basis. But, by knowing your purpose, you’re creating a reference point for everything you relate within your journey.

I believe your purpose is what God created you for, using the talents and gifts he’s given you to transform lives. Regardless of what you believe, though, we all have a basic understanding of how life works—life, death, family, and friends. Let’s call that the map. Your purpose is a set of coordinates on that map. A pinpoint. Once you know your purpose, it frames every decision you make in your life. 

If you have a set of coordinates you’re working towards, then you have something to base your decisions off of—in the end, it’s an efficient and optimized way of living. It’s not about finding one “path,” but more about understanding how we’re made and how we can use that knowledge for our true purpose. 

It’s a Sustainable Way of Living

While the majority of people don’t know their purpose, they’re still looking for a purpose. On the surface, they may be looking for money or fame or recognition, but what they’re really looking for is something to give their life meaning. You can chase pleasure, power, and greed all day long, but in the end, you will not be fulfilled. Sorry to spoil that for you, but it’s true.

And, that chase can be exhausting. It’s not sustainable. When you’re chasing things that aren’t your true purpose, you’re riding a daily roller coaster. Sure, there will be ups, but there will also be plenty of downs. Once you discover your true purpose, it acts as a great equalizer. You can save your energy and live a happier life knowing you’re heading in the right direction.

It Gives You (and Your Business) Direction

Let’s use my business as an example. My purpose is to inspire and equip others to fulfill their God-given purpose. I show up every day to work with that goal in mind. I use my gifts and abilities of creativity, clarity, analytical thinking, and accuracy to clear the path to purpose, and build a brand and culture around that for others. 

You can’t even know how helpful it is to be able to clearly state my purpose. Once I clearly stated my purpose, I had a direction to follow in life and business. I now know which clients I should be working with and how to handle my relationship with them. I know what success looks like for me, and it’s about people. The answer to purpose always comes down to this: Lasting, fulfilling purpose is only truly found in the transformation of other people.

Let’s Find Your Purpose Together

Finding (and following) your purpose is easier said than done. But, the alternative is much more difficult: a life chasing after fleeting things, a business with no direction that doesn’t truly connect with its customers. At AM, we’re here to help make your search for purpose easier, and more efficient. 

We have a process that helps you uncover your purpose. We call it the Purpose Discovery Process. We’ve crafted practical steps, using assessments and guided conversations to help you clarify and bring your purpose to life. We use this process to help individuals and businesses walk in their purpose and enjoy meaning every day. Imagine a workplace environment where individuals know how their individual purpose aligns with the company purpose. 

Imagine showing up to work every day focused on using your unique abilities to transform others. Imagine if everyone on your team knew their purpose and how their collective efforts can create something amazing. It all starts with uncovering what’s already inside you. We can help you get there, and then we’ll help you build your culture and your brand on it.


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