Do You Know Your Purpose?

By July 15, 2019 No Comments

Whether you come at this question from a scientific or a sacred point of view, the answer always comes back to this: Lasting, fulfilling purpose is only truly found in the transformation of other people.

Life is rigged that way.

You can chase pleasure, power, and greed all day long, but in the end, you will not be fulfilled. Sorry to spoil that for you, but it’s true.

Most people don’t know what their purpose is. One survey shows that only 10% of people would say they know what their life purpose is, and only 5% say they are walking in that purpose on a regular basis.

What if you could know it? What if it was specific to you? Wouldn’t that help you know how to live each day toward living that out? Wouldn’t it create focus? Would it change how you work, how you parent, how you spend your free time?

Purpose and meaning come from how you help you help other people. Since God made us all with that same formula for fulfillment, we must look at how He uniquely wired each of us. If we can understand how our talents, personality and gifts help transform other people, then we can better understand WHY we are here — our God-given purpose.

My purpose is to inspire and equip others to fulfill their God-given purpose. I show up every day to work with that goal in mind. I use my gifts and abilities of creativity, clarity, analytical thinking, and accuracy to clear the path to purpose, and build a brand and culture around that for others.

Discover your purpose

At AM, we have a process that helps you uncover your purpose. We call it the Purpose Discovery Process. We have crafted practical steps, using assessments and guided conversations to help you clarify and bring your purpose to life.

We use this process to help unlock individuals, their teams and their brands, allowing them to more clearly walk in their purpose and enjoy meaning every day. Imagine a workplace environment where individuals know how their individual purpose aligns with the company purpose. Imagine showing up to work everyday focused on using your unique abilities to transform others. Imagine everyone else knowing each other’s purpose and how the sum of all that purpose is achieving something amazing that isn’t possible on our own.

It all starts with uncovering what’s already inside you. We can help you get there, and then we’ll help you build your culture and your brand on it.


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