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My Church Saved My Business

By January 15, 2019 No Comments

My church saved my business.

Well, God did it, but He did it through my local church. And that was the last place I ever thought it would come from.

For over two decades I’ve run a successful creative agency, but a few years ago I began to realize that what got us here wasn’t going to keep us here. Things in our industry were changing quickly and we needed to change our approach or we might not be around. I had never had to face anything like that before. I didn’t know where to begin to find the answers I was looking for.

I always believed that God was the one providing our success over the years, but it wasn’t personal to me. It was more of a belief that if I followed God’s principles that His truth would create success. I’ve been a Christian most of my life, and I’ve heard a million sermons about how much He cares about me, and how He is in control of all things, but for whatever reason, I never considered that God was going to be the one to solve my business problems. So I just went out and joined a couple of secular business owner groups and hoped that I would find the answers I was looking for.

After a couple of years of that, I had learned a few new business practices that were great, but still no solution to my problem. I had actually just about given up on the idea that I would figure out what I was looking for. However, I saw that my church was starting groups for business leaders. We had been at our church for a couple of years at that point, but it was so big that we never really got plugged in beyond going to services. I saw the group as a way to get to know some other people at my church that I could connect with. I really never thought I’d get much out of it from a business standpoint. Man, was I wrong about that.

The group changed my life and business in so many ways. The curriculum taught me what the Bible has to say about business. My group leader invested his life into mine. He was a successful business owner himself, and he inspired and challenged me to let God not only run my business, but helped me learn how to truly hear Him. God began to speak. New vision unfolded and my business approach is now completely different.

And it’s not just working from a business standpoint. My heart for my employees is completely different. I’ve learned to be vulnerable. I talk about God and what He’s doing in my life all the time now. My staff knows my purpose and now the business model is completely built on fulfilling the new vision God has provided. It’s actually improving every area of our business, and we are attracting customers and employees that want to join in our cause. God has shown me that it’s His business and that wants to use it to change lives, and He started with mine.

God’s business is relationships, and He is using the business to build my relationship with Him. He uses it to reach people for the Kingdom. He knows how to use businesses to provide for His people and accomplish His will on earth.

Unfortunately, many Christian business leaders operate like that isn’t true. We operate like it’s all on us to make it happen. We make work our focus, and we lose sight of what’s really important. We don’t bring God into our business and we treat our employees and customers like they are a means to end, not an opportunity fulfill God’s purpose for us.

It can be difficult for business leaders to connect with their local church too. They may not have time for small groups or church events. And when they do get there, it may feel like it doesn’t relate to any of their struggles.

I believe the church has to find a way to reach business leaders more effectively. Businesses are where the people are – unchurched people too. A business leader that points people to God will point people to the local church. I’ve experienced that, and I want to help other business leaders and churches experience it too.

Our agency wants to help churches begin this conversation with their business leaders. We are offering to bring a workshop to churches for Christian business leaders. It’s called God’s Purpose at Work. It’s a half-day workshop hosted at your church. We explain what it means to let God run your business. We talk about the God-given purpose inside of each of us and how we can build a culture and brand on it that attracts employees and customers to it. Our hope is that this will be a starting point for inspiring and equipping business leaders in your church.