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Marketing Begins with Meaning

By May 31, 2019 No Comments

Are you asking the right question?

We often have prospective clients that begin marketing conversations with us about what channels and tactics we suggest for them. They might mention past failures and fatigue with previous efforts using channels like google ads, facebook ads, email and on and on. We get it. We’ve FELT the pain ourselves. However, there’s a problem with thinking certain tactics are not right for your company simply because it didn’t work in the past. 

Effective marketing requires putting the right message in front of the right person at the right time. It’s more than just having access to audiences or trying to find the latest and greatest channel strategies. You must have something meaningful to say when you do get in front of the right audience. Focusing solely on finding the best marketing tactics is a waste of time if no one cares about what you have to say. That’s just a bunch of noise. It’s not a good investment of your marketing dollars.

Meaningful messages are built on your purpose

When you correctly identify the true, authentic WHY that your company is built on, meaning is uncovered. When we craft focused messaging on that powerful, meaningful foundation, people will bond with it. A tribe will rise up that aligns with that message and wants to stand with you as you demonstrate it to the world.

That’s how you create meaningful connections. That’s how you create loyalty and trust in your brand. Our OVRFLO process develops that type of conversation between you and your audience and helps ensure they are making buying and buy-in decisions on the most important things. That’s how you avoid transactional relationships with your customers and employees. 

Removing Barriers

It’s important that you invest in understanding your audiences and their barriers to buying your product or joining your cause. Your content and messaging should be designed to help them overcome those obstacles. Show how your organization is addressing their needs and goals. Show them how your WHY is making lives better for you, them and those they care about. 

If your brand and messaging do not lead the conversation with your purpose or cause, you haven’t really invited anyone to help you achieve it. Marketers need to understand that every dollar your audience spends is a vote for the change they want in the world. If they can’t tell what you stand for by the way you talk about yourself, how can you expect them to support you?


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